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KFC spadek jakośći przy jednoczesnym znacznym wzrośćie cen 20 09.2017 Forum

Nie wiem skąd się bierze tyle naiwniaków którzy płacą krocie za byle jakiego kurczaka. Jesc sie tego nie da, ostatni taki «posilek» zjadlem przed wakacjami i na dobre podziekowalem tej sieci. Aktualnie chyba wygrywa McD ze względu na kupon zestaw BigMac za 10 zł. KFC drożeje kiedyś box kosztował 19 z groszami chyba a obecnie […]

Beat the Market Makers BTMM Strategy

Instead, they can set prices based on their internal risk management policies and profit objectives. As a retail trader, you may not always get the best deal when trading with a market maker. These are the largest and most established market makers, typically operating as banks or major financial institutions. Forex market makers are essential […]

September jobs report shatters forecasts as Nonfarm Payrolls soar by 336,000

Content Breaking: US Nonfarm Payrolls rise 339,000 in May vs. 190,000 expected Nonfarm Payroll Data and Economic Analysis Retail stablecoin trading in Hong Kong not allowed yet, official says U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls Gold rebounds, as US non-farm payrolls far exceed expectations What Caesar Salad and Your Next Moneymaking Opportunity Have in Common Bitcoin price takes […]

How to Get and Use Silver Coins V Rising Guide

Jewelry has more in common with art than bullion bars, and an authenticated piece with a famous former owner can trade at whatever value the market will bear. For the cost of just one share that trades at roughly spot prices and as little as 0.50% in yearly expenses, investors can access silver via an ETF. You […]